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SuperView-1 constellation includes 2 satellites and set to be launched on one mission in December 2016.

 It operates at an altitude of 530 km and with 0.5 m panchromatic resolution and 2 m multispectral resolution, it provides highly detailed imagery for precise map creation, change detection and in-depth image analysis. 12 km imaging swath width, provides better capacity than competition. It possesses high agility and runs with multiple collection modes including long strip, multiple strips collect, multiple point targets collect and stereo imaging. The maximum single scene can be 60 km * 70 km. 2TB storage onboard, collects 900,000 km² across the globe per day. Operator: SpaceView (China).

Technical characteristics

Mode: Panchromatic Multispectral
Sensor bands (µm): 0.45–0.89 blue: 0.45–0.52
green: 0.52–0.59
red: 0.63–0.69
Near-IR: 0.77–0.89
Spatial resolution, m: 0.5 2
Dynamic range: 11 bits
Swath width: 12 km
Revisit time 2 days