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Design in Forestry, Settlement Gardening and Nature Management

Over the long period of operations on the market of environmental services our Company has gained an extensive experience in the field of reproduction and monitoring of forests, reforestation and sand fixation.

Highly qualified specialists of our new specialized design division for forestry, settlement gardening and nature management, carry out design and exploration works, monitoring surveys and develop design and estimate documentation (DBD) - projects, working projects, feasibility studies, EIA with creation of mapping materials based on GIS technologies in the following areas:

Services in Forestry, Settlement Gardening and Nature Management:

  • forestry and water management - reproduction of forests, reforestation and restoration of forests in floodplains of rivers and on burnt areas, creation of forest shelters and water protective planting, afforestation of forest-free lands, sand fixation, fire-prevention arrangements in forests and lands of the state forest fund, specially protected natural territories (SPNT) and others, creation of forest seed and specialized farms and nurseries, plantations for various designated purposes;
  • gardening and improvement of cities, townships, settlements and their objects, creation and reconstruction of green zones, forest parks, parks, square parks and other objects of public use, dendrology plans;
  • regulation of nature management and subsurface resources use, nature protection design, monitoring of natural and biological resources use.


The material and technical base and qualifications of specialists of our Company allow us to conduct integrated soil and forest improvement studies of territories with laboratory testing of soils and subsequent forest improvement zoning based on suitability for afforestation and gardening.

When developing design solutions and technologies to create green plantings, alongside with field survey results, our Company specialists use remote sensing data, systematize all information into GIS which makes it possible to cover large project areas within short time. Besides, application of RS data at design stage allows for considering even insignificant features of landscapes and state of green plantings in the project area.

During 2013-2015, the Company specialists have developed working projects for afforestation of unforested grounds of Burabai National Nature Park; project for creation of protective, landscape and recreational forest planting of the green zone in Aktobe city; projects for studies of gardening possibilities in settlements of Zhylyoi district of Atyrau Oblast and settlement gardening of a field camp under construction in ТСО partnership territory; project for fire arrangements in forests of Burabai National Nature Park.