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Deimos-1 (also known as Spain-DMC 1) is a Spanish Earth imaging satellite developed by Deimos Imaging.

With a weight of 100 kg, it was launched in 2009 and provides data with a spatial resolution of 22 m.
The satellite provides imagery in a 3-channel multispectral mode with a very wide (650 km) swath, assuring high frequency of revisit on large areas. It was especially tailored for agriculture, forestry and monitoring applications in mind. Deimos-1 is a member of the DMC (Disaster Monitoring Constellation) and it is currently one of the leading high-resolution data sources around the world.

Technical Characteristics

Modes: multispectral
Spectral Range (µm): green: 0.52-0.60
red: 0.63-0.69
near infrared: 0.77-0.90
Spatial Resolution: 22
Radiometric Resolution: 8-10 bits / pixel
Swath Width: 650 km
Revisit time: 3 days (worldwide)
Acquire Stereo-Pair: no