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Launched on 19 August 2014, GF-2 is equipped with 2 PAN/MS cameras, capable of collecting images with resolution of 0.80 m (nadir) in panchromatic and 3.24 m (nadir) in the multispectral bands on a swath of 45 km.

GF-2 is a follow-on mission of the Gaofen-1 technology demonstration mission, a series of high-resolution optical Earth observation satellites of CNSA (China National Space Administration), Beijing, China. GF-2 is part of the CHEOS (China High Resolution Earth Observation System) family with the objective to provide high accuracy geographical mapping, land and resource surveying, environment change monitoring, near real-time observation for disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as for agriculture and forest estimation.
Operator: SpaceView (China).

Technical characteristics

Mode: Panchromatic Multispectral
Sensor bands (µm): 0.45–0.90 blue: 0.45–0.52
green: 0.52–0.59
red: 0.63–0.69
Near-IR: 0.77–0.89
Spatial resolution, m: 0.8 3.24
Dynamic range: 10 bits
Swath width: 45 km
Revisit time 5 days