Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra”
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  • ordering and delivery of satellite data of high, medium and low resolution acquired via optical and radar sensor systems;
  • thematic processing of space images to create maps for inventory (soil, ecosystems, etc.), assessment (lands degradation, soil salinization etc.) and forecast and recommendation contexts;
  • creation of information and analytical systems of space monitoring;
  • development and introduction of geographical information systems, geo services and services of operational monitoring for various industries;
  • support and pursuance of scientific geographical, ecological and biological researches to solve scientific and practical tasks in the area of nature conservation, ecology, environmental management and subsurface resources use;
  • development, agreement, approval and delivery of projects for land management of territory, reclamation of disturbed lands and development of new lands as well as other projects related to land use and protection;
  • topographic and geodesic, cartographic, soil-related studies and other surveys and prospecting;
  • development and implementation of projects for assessment of disturbed lands, technical and biological reclamation;
  • onshore and offshore geological engineering surveys;
  • design in the area of hydrocarbons geology and solid minerals geology;
  • feasibility studies for development of oil and gas fields and solid minerals deposits;
  • elaboration of projects and process regulations for oil and gas fields development;
  • expert review of project documentation and design estimates in subsurface resources use (oil, gas, oil and gas condensate);
  • search, exploration of minerals deposits using modem remote sensing technologies;
  • gathering, analysis and systematization of data in natural systems and objects, information organization based on modern technologies (GIS, database management systems, etc.);
  • development of projects on environmental protection and rational nature management using remote sensing and GIS technologies;
  • baseline environmental surveys, implementation of Pre-EIA and EIA projects, audit of various types of economic activities;
  • development and implementation of projects related to creation and development of specially protected natural territories, hunting farms, historical, cultural and tourist objects;
  • works in forest pathology research of plantings, forest and green plantings monitoring using remote sensing data;
  • holding republican and international meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums related to ecology, nature conservation, GIS and remote sensing issues;
  • publication of scientific (magazines, monographs, etc.) and popular scientific literature, thematic maps, atlases;
  • delivery of qualification upgrading courses and training of specialists with issuance of relevant certificates in the context of projects implemented by the Company.