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Environmental Design and Standardization

CRS & GIS “Terra” offers a package of services in environmental design and standardization.

Environmental Design includes analysis, forecasting, substantiation, planning and assessment of environmental impacts caused by industrial activities of particular enterprise in a certain region.

Environmental Standardization is used as one of the main measures or tools for environmental protection and is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Environmental, Land, Water and Forest Codes of RoK, etc.). Development and adoption of environmental standards is one of the most important directions in the nature conservation activity.

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The Company provides the following package of services in a timely and professional manner:

  • Development of projects for assessment of environmental impacts from intended operations: Pre-EIA, EIA, Environmental Protection Chapter.
  • Preparation and holding public hearings on EIA projects.
  • Calculation of MPE standards using certified software complex - «ERA» Unified Air Pollution Calculation Program.
  • Creation of thematic maps for description of project areas.
  • Development of ecological permit documents - Application for emissions, Program of industrial ecological control, environmental protection action plan, waste management program etc.
  • Industrial ecological control.
  • Industrial ecological monitoring.
  • Development of programs and conducting ecological baseline surveys in the intended operations area.
  • Development of integrated programs for mitigation of adverse environmental impacts from industrial operations of enterprises.

The Company’s specialists accompany the projects at all stages of approvals and state environmental expert review, organize and hold public hearings.

Reliability of EIA project outcomes is achieved through conducting integrated field baseline ecological surveys. The company has an extensive experience in organizing and conducting baseline surveys, has well-trained, highly skilled specialists for all types of works, and necessary outfit and equipment.