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Earth Remote Sensing

Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra” is a leading provider of a full range of services from delivery to thematic processing of Earth remote sensing data in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Company is a business partner of the leading space program operators: DigitalGlobe, Airbus Defence and Space, Elecnor Deimos Imaging, Planet etc.

Based on the partner agreements we offer space imagery of various spatial resolution from such space vehicles as Ikonos, GeoEye-1, QuickBird, WorldView-1/2/3, Deimos 1/2, Pleiades, Spot, Aster, Landsat and others to our clients in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
The Company uses remote sensing technologies to create thematic maps and update topographic maps, to assess current and retrospective state of natural and territorial complexes and natural ecosystems, to plan and design various types of economic activities and to implement nature protection activities.

In recent years, a new promising direction in using the remote sensing data for various geological tasks is under active development.Spectral methods for geological surveys are implemented by the Company in such areas as mapping of rocks, prospecting of ore fields and hydrocarbons, delineation of outcropping geological, spatial positioning of various associations, identification of linear structures and many other tasks.

For these purposes, current and archive RS data as well as the latest specialized programs for their processing are used.The Company continually expands the application scope of remote sensing data, develops new methodological approaches to acquire high-quality information products.

Owing to innovative developments and cooperation with worldwide companies, the Company can offer the widest range of services in the market of Kazakhstan. We always take account of the customer and partner needs and perform primarily focused on high-quality and professionalism that enables us to remain in-demand