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Environmental and Ecological Design

The team of our department employs experienced specialists in natural sciences, including the ones having scientific degrees. The vast experience accumulated by our employees in the scientific research institutes and laboratories, Specially Protected Natural Territories of Kazakhstan and other countries allows us to take into account all the diversity and change patterns in the natural conditions within our country when we deal with projects preparation. With the help of our experienced GIS specialists and having access to space images of any resolution, we are able to perform mapping works at the highest level.

We implement works only after detailed studies of an area with onsite visits as well as with an obligatory examination of all available literary sources and required internal documents. Our indispensable practice is that we aspire to understand and take account of the needs and suggestions of local specialists.

We perform all our works with due regard for the norms and provisions of the Laws, Codes and Regulations in the field of land and environmental legislation.