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The satellite was launched on September 6, 2008 from Vandenberg Air Force Base (USA). The GeoEye-1 satellite was previously owned by GeoEye.

After the merger of GeoEye and DigitalGlobe, it is operated and owned by DigitalGlobe.

The GeoEye-1 satellite uses some of the most advanced technologies that commercial remote sensing systems have ever been equipped with. The satellite provides panchromatic images with a 0.41 m resolution and multispectral images with a 1.65 m resolution. The satellite can provide up to 350,000 km² of synthesized multispectral images per day. Such a high performance is ideal for large-scale mapping projects. The GeoEye-1 satellite features a revisit time of no more than three days for any point of the planet.

Technical Characteristics

Modes: Panchromatic Multispectral
Spectral Range (µm): 0,45–0,90 blue: 0,45–0,52
green: 0,52–0,60
red: 0,625–0,795
near infrared: 0,76–0,90
Spatial Resolution, m: 0,41 1,65
Radiometric Resolution: 11 bits / pixel
Swath Width: 15,2 km
Revisit time (40 ° N): Less than 3 days
Acquire Stereo-Pair: Yes, from one pass