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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Geographical information systems (GIS) serve as a key element of the effective and accelerated solution of many scientific, practical and administrative tasks owing to visual data presentation and a wide variety of tools for their analysis.

 Application of GIS technologies allows for integrating large volume of cartographical and thematic information into a single consistent structure including remote sensing data, field scientific studies, engineering surveys, monitoring, various types of economic activities and document circulation.

 CRS & GIS “Terra” has a broad experience in creation of GIS, organization and systematization of data to solve various tasks in the area of environmental design, forestry, ecology and nature management, geological exploration, topography and cartography, project works for an oil and gas complex etc.

CRS & GIS “Terra” widely uses tools of geoinformation technologies and provides a variety of services in this area:

  • development of geographical information systems from personal to corporate level, turn-key solutions;
  • development of modules and applications based on ArcGIS software products (data management, analysis, modeling);
  • digital cartography, organization of geodata bases;
  • geoprocessing and analysis of spatial data;
  • technical support for developed geographical information systems, applications and modules;
  • training of Customer’s personnel in using GIS in the context of project implemented.

Data of Earth remote sensing from the most modern space vehicles of various spatial resolution are used as a basic information for GIS creation.

One of the prospective lines of the Company’s activities is development of geoportals. The main objective of creating geoportals is to provide access to geographical information via WEB services. The Company’s geoinformation technologies continuously increase functional and user capabilities of geoportals.

CRS & GIS “Terra” has a successful experience in implementing projects for creation of corporate geographical information systems of varied thematic contents: elaboration of master infrastructure development plans for the national nature parks; forest management materials and working drafts for implementation of actions related to restoration of ribbon pine woods and saxaul forests, etc.

Highly qualified personnel and GIS experience of the Company provide high quality of geoinformation solutions and enable them to implement geoinformation projects of any complexity to the satisfaction of the customers.